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SPITA Twist-to-Clip© tie wraps.....
Quick and easy to install, no tools required!

Wrap the SPITA Twist-to-Clip© tie wrap around
a cable bundle. Simply remove the tail by twisting it clockwise or counter clockwise. The end breaks immediately and leaves no sharp edges which can damage your hands or cables. 
You don't need extra tools !

Product range:

 Width Length Tensile strength Max. bundle diameter
 2,8 mm 102 mm 8 kg 20 mm
 2,8 mm 150 mm 8 kg 35 mm 
 4,6 mm 200 mm 22 kg 47 mm
 4,6 mm 300 mm 22 kg 78 mm
 8 mm 360 mm 54 kg 92 mm
 8 mm 504 mm 54 kg 138 mm

tie wraps are
  available in black,

  (Later this year also    green will become



Bundling of cables, etc.

No sharp edge after 
removing the tail

Mounting cables, etc.

Benefits of the SPITA Twist-to-Clip© tie wrap:

General purpose applications, indoor / outdoor
Flammability rating UL 94 V-2
Halogen free and silicone free
UV-resistant (only black & green)
Heat resistant up to +85° Celsius
Remains flexible till -40° Celsius
Resists acids, salt, oil and grease

User instructions:

ResQ-rope gebruiksaanwijzing
1. Wrap the SPITA Twist-to-Clip© tie wrap
    around the cables you want to bundle.

2. Insert the tail end through the slot on the
    other side and pull the tail then as tight as

3. Remove the excess tail by rotating it
    clockwise or counter clockwise.

Once the tail end of the SPITA Twist-to-Clip© tie wrap has been inserted through the slot on the other side and has passed the first ridge, it cannot be removed or re-opened .

SPITA Twist-to-Clip© tie wraps
make your job much easier!

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