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Special ratchet with TWO different drive mechanisms. Can be used
as a normal ratchet and has a switch button for "left" or "right" rattle. 

     When space is limited, the handle
     can be rotated to rattle.
     (rotate left or right).

                      Available in 3 sizes:

                          small (1/4") 
                      size 185 x 28mm

                         medium (3/8")
                      size 240 x 38mm

                           large (1/2")
                      size 295 x 43mm

The benefits of SPITA twist & swing ratchets with dual drive:

1) Easy when there is not enough space to “rattle” left or right
2) Easily switch between turning left or right with square push pin
3) Direction of rotation is marked on both sides
4) Normal ratcheting is also possible when extra force is needed
5) Has 72 shackles – only 5° swivel
6) High-gloss chrome with ergonomic handle

This is a „smart“ product for professionals

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Ratchet Twist & Swing

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