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G&G mission

G&G wants to supply only quality products with an excellent
service, which aims to a 100% customer satisfaction.  
Our professional team continues to improve our quality and
service where possible.

G&G's motto

Our products and services are the foundation of G&G, our staff
is the core of the Organization
and our customers ensure our

G&G vision

G&G aims to achieve a leading position in its market with the
delivery of the latest products,
providing our customers with
savings in their daily work or production processes.

G&G values

G&G's target is always to achieve the best results for its

Listen: G&G is listening to all of its customers to meet all their
expectations within reasonable limits.

Learning: G&G is always working  towards improvements within  
our organization, products, and services,
using our customer
feedback as guideline.

Ethics: G&G deals with all of its customers in a fair  manner, and
does not accept any offers or incentives 
intended to create
preferential treatment.

Leadership: G&G would like to develop standards and practices,
which by can be adopted by any other company.

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