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G&G was founded on 1 November 1995 as a trading company under
the name G&G Audio/Video Services.

In addition to the sale of CQ cleaning tissues for video heads and  
Kata camera bags, we tested professional
Betacam-SP video
cassettes for cameramen.

The quality testing scheme of the video cassettes was so successful,
that shortly afterwards we introduced the brand Tape Check for this service.

At the request of a few (commercial) private television stations we
started to evaluate used Betacam cassettes
for re-use which led to
the formation  of Tape Check Europe B.V.

During 1996 and 1997, in close cooperation with some of our customers,
we developed the quality control process
of cleaning and testing videotapes
according to the new specification.
This unique process is now known as the “Tape Check” method:
every tape that passes the test free of defects 
is ensured to provide
at least the same quality as a new cassette.

In 1999, as John de Mol introduces "Big Brother" as the new concept
of Reality-TV, the re-use of video cassettes
in the production of TV shows
made a huge expansion.
The incredible success of Reality-TV series opened the market
for Tape
Check in Europe.

Now Tape Check Europe is the largest videotape recycling company in
the world.
In 2007, in addition to video cassettes, we also started to clean and 
test Professional XD-Cam discs for re-use.

The success of Tape Check has also led to an increase in demand for a
variety of storage media, and accessories
(such as batteries, gaffertape, etc.)
that also G&G Audio/Video Services since 1996 was undergoing a process of
growth with the emphasis at all kinds of video related consumables.

With the acquisition of Quantegy Europe in 2005, we made an
expansion to 
our range of offerings with a complete line of professional
audio products. 
The following years we also made an entry into the Eastern Europe,
Middle East and Asian markets.

Today G&G products and services are distributed through the following
related companies:

1.G&G Trading B.V : sales and marketing for all magnetic and optical
   storage media, hard drives, batteries, gaffertape and related      
   products in the Benelux and Scandinavia..

2.Tape Innovation Deutschland GmbH sales and marketing
   in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechia,
Slowakia, Hongary and the
   Baltic States.

3.Tape Innovation UK Ltd sales and marketing in United Kingdom
    and Ireland.

4. G&G Trading International B.V. sales and marketing in all 
    other countries.

G&G continues to search for new products and solutions for its customers
in order to continue to play a leading role in the fast-changing world.

At present, the following trademarks are the property of G&G:

  • SPITA 
  • PRIME 
  • SPITA ResQ - tape
  • SPITA ResQ - plast


The following brands are represented exclusively in Europe by G&G:
  • RIP-TIE 
  • RMGI 

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